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Empty Handed Warriors started as a movement about preserving the culture, defending the underground hip hop scene and building international bridges through unity, community and hip hop.  We have grown heavily since 2011 as a collective. This year (2017) we have decided to relaunch the EHW movement. We did this because we grew so quickly, our vision was steered astray.


This year we Relaunch our website, we relaunch Basement Attics Radio and welcome many young, international artists to the roster.


With the update information out of the way, we are also here to announce that we at EHW, do not support individuals actions when going to ‘mic war’ for no apparent reason. We strongly believe that Battle Rap is a huge part of Hip Hop Culture. Battling someone who came at you on the mic is natural, however we also feel that a warrior must chose their battles wisely. Dividing the underground through hip hop is the opposite of what EHW stands for. We do not support these recent Lord Lhus’ Battle songs or condone his recent actions within the underground, which have unfortunately been repeated several times throughout the past few years. Over these years, this has ruined the chances for many hard working, humble, talented artists from progress within their careers. We have recently lost many foundation members such as PSL and a handful of others due to these specific issues. This makes us sad to proceed in this way, however great change comes with great turbulence. 


Warriors, this word should not be taken lightly. There are many communities across the globe that use hip hop as a means to educate, elevate and emancipate their people. From India to Colombia, From Canada to Serbia. We are the Empty Handed Warriors, Defenders of The Culture.

One Love

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